Can you feel it? 

The world is shifting, and tilting on its axis 

Can you feel it? 


It is done.

Ultimately, beyond everything Is just vast, empty, space…. We come from there And we will go back It is already done. And none of it matters Nothing Even The Greatest Of Anything In the end its all dust In the end its all forgotten For stars go black Sun’s burn out Galaxies fall inwards ​ … Continue reading “It is done.”


Pray this at the very end… Lay me down in death And pound the earth with your naked feet…. *** For we are nothing, nothing but this… The earth reformed  The earth transformed  And we come back, softly, softly, in our deaths.. Again and again and again  Cycles, spinning, endlessly into eternity  So walk softly … Continue reading “Pray….”

An Egg

I feel smooth and contained, like an egg After the warmth of the kitchen, The song of her laugh, Now, on dusk, lying softly in bed The gentle rain through the open door, Hussshhhhh……… Nursery rhyme yellow inside My edges are blurry  And I am melting into the universe …. I am warm  So very very … Continue reading “An Egg”