Can you feel it? 

The world is shifting, and tilting on its axis 

Can you feel it? 


The Muse

Great oceans sway, far, far away ….  Sand dunes falling   Stars….  Spinning…..into night   She is the flash – the lightening over ocean   The liquid, blistering delight   Do you want her?  Yes?  You must reach for her….  You must desire her….  You must hunger for her….  She will come to you ……  if the night is warm  and the … Continue reading “The Muse”

The Animals

And I could see all the people around me, the throng of humanity, became ……Animals… Both human and animal, merging…. Appearing and disappearing within the crowds…. I could see that while we all existed in some form here, within this place and time….. we all also exist within other planes, other times….. And I saw … Continue reading “The Animals”


I’m a cat  A soft, luxurious, lothlorien cat  You may never see me But I I  will always  see you  One Eye Open  Ocean Glass Green  I’m watching you  I see everything  *** Warmth is my seductress  The lazy afternoon sun Stretching outwards to infinity  Ahhhhhhhh The bliss of a fat, sun drenched cat  If … Continue reading “Cat”

A Sun She Is

A sun she is, yes she is…. A bright hot blazing sun. Her radiance, Her beauty, Her brilliance, Suffocates all other light….. And she hypnotises, calls you in, Like moths drawn in trance, to her light She gazes upon you, Smiling with such love Genuine, I’m sure. As she swiftly, deftly, Ties. You. Up. And … Continue reading “A Sun She Is”

Sing me a lullaby

Sometimes you’re a girl   And sometimes,  you’re a boy   But mostly, you’re everything in between….  the mythic   the liminal   The dust and the bone   The bruised and broken stone   Carved quite deep….  These scars….. these scars that hurt your wrists   * * *  And I ache for you…  Sing me a lullaby and I’ll cry your tears  Because I remember you  I … Continue reading “Sing me a lullaby”

It is done.

Ultimately, beyond everything Is just vast, empty, space…. We come from there And we will go back It is already done. And none of it matters Nothing Even The Greatest Of Anything In the end its all dust In the end its all forgotten For stars go black Suns burn out Galaxies fall inwards ​And … Continue reading “It is done.”

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